Branch Head


  • One Branch head will be treated as Chief of the one Branch Marketing Office.
  • Branch Head will be working as the Chief of the department of administration, factory, supply business and accounts of the assigned area.
  • It is the duty of the Branch Head to appoint Chief to the respective departments.
  • Branch Head will be working as Chief of the business, so he/she will be directly answerable to the Company for accelerating the business.
  • He is another duty to appoint the Sales Development Manager, Sales Officer and Sales Executive (Agent) for working in the field with the help of H.R.Manager as per the rules of the company.
  • It is main duty of Branch Head to intimate the rules and regulations of the company to the employees working under him/her and to impart their training for the growth of the business as well.
  • It is the main responsibility to manage each & every show room properly as per the rule of the company.
  • It is the another main responsible for training care of making propaganda to enhance the growth of the business in each and every showroom.
  • It is the duty of Branch Head to bring order from the show room and to deliver the order in time.
  • It is the duty to prepare monthly closing report of every business partner and to release the monthly commission and expenses in the stipulated time.
  • It is another duty to achieve the assigning target with your marketing team of the company.
  • It is the duty to release the salary of the employee and agent working under you.
  • Branch Head will be accountable to the company for any irregularity of finance, business and administration of the assigned areas.
  • Branch Head can not make any rules and regulation. He/she can only execute the rules and regulation of the company.

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