Manager (HR & Administration)


  • One Manager (Hr&Admn.) will be treated as Chief of the department of recruitment & administration in a branch marketing office.
  • Taking interview for the different posts and to appoint them as per the rule of the company is a vital duty to perform.
  • It is a main duty to impart training to every employee regarding business, administration and rule & regulation of the Company.
  • It is another duty to takeappoint action against the employees those are irregular and enable to do work as per the rules of the company.
  • It is a duty to release salary to every employee and agent in time preparing the Salary Sheet.
  • Manager (HR &Admn.) will be answerable to the company directly for any irregularity of the employee working under him/her.
  • Manager (HR &Admn.)can not make any rules & regulation in the department of recruitment and administration, only he/she can execute the rules & regulation prepared by the company.
  • It is another duty to produce daily report the higher authority of all employees, of the Branch office.
  • Job responsibility may after in future.

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