Marketing Head


  • It is a vital position of the Company.
  • You will report to the General Manager of the company.
  • The Sales Development Managers (S.D.M.) & Sales Development Officers (S.D.O.) of your territory will report to you.


  • (a) Building your team (S.D.O.s & S.D.M.s) by assisting & recommendations to H.R. Department & motivating your team for the achievement of sales targets as a team & also by your individual effort.
  • (b) Identifying the training needs of your subordinates & collaborating in the training programs including Field/Actual marketplace exposure.
  • (c) Monitoring & guiding your subordinates (S.D.M.s & S.D.Os) to achieve the sales targets.
  • (d) Checking, analyzing & follow up action of the online reports of your subordinates.
  • (e) Accountability for any loss or profit of the company’s business in your allocate area.
  • (f) Organize different activities in your area to promote the company’s business.
  • (g) Ensure adequate supply of garments in every showroom as per their demands.
  • (h) In absence of your team (S.D.O. & S.D.M.s), you have to give 150 data (names & mobile numbers of potential customers as per the norms of our online reporting system) & build your team as per your allocated area of operation in consonance with the higher authorities of the company in the first month.


  • A) As Marketing Head you need to send the daily working reports regularly as per the norms of our online reporting system.
  • B) Weekly Business Plan needs to be mailed to the concerned authorities every Monday by 11 a.m.
  • C) Your service is transferable anywhere in India wherever there are offices of this organization.
  • D) You need to join this organization on the date specified in your offer letter. If you are unable to comply with this condition, then this offer letter stands cancelled. Please note that your attendance /joining will be considered from the day you send your Daily Working Report to
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