Sales Dev. Manager
1. Designation : Sales Development Manager
2. Vacancy : 08 Nos. (each branch)
3. Qualification and Experience : Graduate with 4 years experience in Marketing
4. Reporting : Marketing Head
5. Working area : In-Charge District
6. Kind of Job : Working with 2-3 executive under you
7. Promotion : Achieved the given minimum target within 6 months.
8. Salary & Commission : 2,40 lack to 4 lack (p.a) Incentives


  • Appointment of 8 to 10 Sales Executives, who will report to you, as per the rules of the company.
  • Impart training to the Sales Executives regarding the business & the rules, norms & regulations of the company.
  • An Important Responsibilities along you and your Team Opening and Maintaining of showrooms
  • Management of each & every showroom under your jurisdiction as per the rules of the company.
  • To ensure adequate supply of garments as per the order of every showroom.
  • Analyse the daily closing report of every showroom under you & make strategies accordingly.
  • Organize different activities in every showroom to promote business.
  • You are also responsible for any irregularities in your assigned areas


  • As a Sales Development Manger you are supposed to give your attendance to the Marketing Head by telephonic conversation before going to the field within 9 am.
  • Your service is transferable anywhere in India wherever there are offices of this organization.
  • As a Sales Development Manager you are expected to conduct all financial transactions through Cheque/Draft from the field drawn in favour of the company. No transactions in cash will be entertained.
  • In every working day you have to meet 10 customers as per the working rules of 8 hours per day. You need to meet 200 customers in a month.
  • It is mandatory for you as Sales Development Manager to prepare and submit the daily working report as explained in the "Online Reporting System".

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